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The Eighteen Lohan is the personal disciples of the Buddha. Arhat or Arhatship is having attained Nirvana enabled by certain supernatural powers. The Arhat or Lohan is then assigned a station of guardianship of Buddhism.

The most revered instrument is the lute. It has eight attributes: happiness, sweetness, elegance, subtlety, sadness, softness, resonance, and strength. Though the monkey may be worshipped to some extent, generally the monkey is regarded as the emblem of ugliness and trickery. The monkey is believed to have the general control of hobgoblins, witches, and elves. The monkey is the ninth animal in the Chinese zodiac.

Those born during the year of the monkey are the most versatile out of any sign in the zodiac. Curious and clever, they are able to master any subject they study. These quick witted individuals crave fun and stimulating activity. With their serene self confidence they need to be aware of their tendency to look down upon others. The following are year of the monkey: , , , , , , , … Please click here for more information about the Chinese Zodiac signs.

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The moon represents the essence of the female or yin qualities in nature. The sun embodies the masculine. This luminary is often depicted in Chinese paintings as grayish-pink disk among the clouds with curling waves underneath and its influence on the ocean tide is well known. The Chinese calendar is still in use side by side with the Gregorian calendar. The Chinese also associate the roundness of the moon with the cohesion of the family.

The moon festival celebrates the importance of family which takes place on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month. There are many legends about the moon such as the one with the unlucky Heavenly Dog Star that swallows the moon at the time of the eclipse; the people create a lot of noise to scare the evil spirit away. HTML

The so-called Spring Ox is made of clay and is beaten with sticks to stimulate the revival of spring. An ancient custom of making a mud-ball in the winter and breaking it in the spring might be the origin of the custom of the Spring Ox. This down to earth selfless soul is kind in nature and filled with a bounty of common sense. This person is not swayed by fancy trends and get rich schemes but reaches their goal through fortitude and methodical hard work. The ox speaks little yet when they do speak their minds they are articulate and eloquent.

Though patients is one of their strong virtues, they will only be pushed so far before their mild manner is taken over by intense anger. The following are those of the year of the ox: , , , , , , , Click here for more Chinese Zodiac info. The symbolic nature of the palm is of retirement and a life free from the hassles of normal existence.

The state of being retired is illustrated by a figure sitting under a palm-tree, a cottage perched on the top of the high cliff in the recesses of a mountain hidden underneath an overhanging cliff. This image is quite appealing to the Chinese people; thinking very highly of retired life, being away from the turmoil of the everyday business of living as ideal. The leaves of the palm are used to make fans; another type of palm has fibrous brown bracts that are made into matting, cordage, brushes and so on.

Known as the Fairy Fruit the peach might have originated in China. Peach has a prominent place in the realm of the prolific culture of Chinese superstitions. It is the emblem of marriage; symbol of immortality and springtime. The myth says that the peach-tree of the gods blossomed once in three thousand years and the fruit ripened for another three thousand years. The wood of the pear-tree might have been used for wood-cuts and wood-block printing hence the association with intellect, also, the Duke of Shao around 1, B.

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The pearl is the emblem of genius in obscurity or incognito. Also, it is compared to feminine beauty and purity. Artificial or cultured pearls from China are considered to be of great value comparable to the ones grown in oysters or mussels. In ancient times the pearl-shell was used as money. In Buddhist as well as Taoist sects, it represents the discovery of wholeness and wisdom within oneself. The Pi pronounced 'bee' , being one of the earliest symbolic carvings, represented the sun or heaven. It was used as a device to communicate with the heavens as well as in other ritualistic ceremonies.

In later dynasties, the Pi was symbolic of power and authority - much of that power was thought to come through the essence of jade…as it is considered the stone of heaven. Pi Kan is a deified spirit of a sage of the 12th century B.

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His heart was then used as an illustration of intelligence; in ancient time the Chinese believed that it was the heart that contained the intellect of a person. This divinity is also known as the Star-god of Affluence and worshipped on the 20th day of the 7th moon mostly by poor people and gamblers.

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An inexhaustible casket full of gold and silver and other sources of wealth are associated with this much-adored deity. The Evergreen Pine is considered to be the emblem for longevity. Also, because it does not whither it is the metaphor for friendship that prevails through hardship. Images of the phoenix have appeared for over years and are considered the ' the Empress of all birds'. This gentle and benevolent creature is said to only appear in times of peace and prosperity.

The phoenix symbolizes high virtue, power, and the sun or yang principle of brightness and activity.

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It is second among supernatural creatures along with the dragon, unicorn, and tortoise. The Phoenix is a mythological creature in Chinese art, whether painting or sculpture, and it is a metaphor in many a myths. The Phoenix appears only in times of peace and prosperity; it presides over the southern quadrant of heavens and it is the symbol of sun or the yang principle of warmth and summer.

The plum, peony, lotus, and chrysanthemum are symbolic of the four seasons. The plum is the symbol of winter; the fruit is equally prized for its blossoms and fruits. The plum blossom has been celebrated in numberless verses. The tree is fertile until it reaches an unusually long life-span. The white plum-blossoms are strikingly beautiful on blue and white china-ware. Often shown together, all three symbolize longevity and vitality.

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Pomegranate, or Punica granata, is not indigenous to China. It was brought from Afghanistan and was mostly appreciated for its flowery branches in a multitude of single and double blossoms ranging from pale pink to deep red. The flowers are used with iron for hair-dye, the root is boiled into a healing tonic, and the astringent dried peel is used for its medicinal value in rheumatism and dysentery.

It is the symbol of fertility and the hope for many offspring and that offspring will behave in a manner honorable to the family. The quail is used in gaming; two quails are enticed to battle each other and the owner of the winner gets the prize. The quail is the symbol of courage and pugnacity. The rabbit is a symbol of longevity. It is said in Buddhist legend that the rabbit offered itself as a willing sacrifice.