Descendant astrology aries

You may impulsively jump into one relationship after another and eventually settle into an enduring and stable one. Your partner may be a provider or enjoy cooking for you with a demonstrated depth of sensuality.

Libra rising/ascendant (aries descendant)

You are drawn to an inquisitive partner who may retain a youthful appearance. Sagittarius rising can lead you in search of greener pastures so it is not uncommon to have more than one partner at a time. Your partner appears to be very communicative and sociable and you may share conversations well into the early morning hours. Your Capricorn ascendant makes you slightly reserved in seeking a partnership and Cancer on the Descendant describes a homebody. You may be drawn to those who mother you in some way. Both Capricorn and Cancer prefer a less social lifestyle and enjoy time spent at home, cooking and building a wonderful nest.

You are drawn to a very dramatic partner who appears benevolent and full of character. You are drawn to a partner who appears organized and analytical with a wry sense of humor. Your Pisces ascendant might make it difficult for you to understand who you are let alone what you want.

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  3. Your Descendant is Aries, Your Ascendant is Libra.

It may be that your partner provides a sense of routine or brings you an element of groundedness that is attractive to you. You are drawn to a refined and elegant individual who is charming and graceful. Your Aries rising can lead you from one adventure to another and your partner may ask just the right questions that lead you to lay down roots.

Descendent in Libra describes a committed and loyal partner. You are drawn to a partner who appears very intense and may prod you through deep transformational experiences. I think the kind of relationships Libra Ascendant thrives in are probably more adversarial than otherwise, although the implication is that the Libra Ascending person is somehow better at relating than the rest of us. Libra rising, though, unless the rest of her chart leans toward enjoying rough types, would really rather not attract Aries energy per se. There do seem to be two types of Libra Ascendant people: One, those who see the world as a place that needs a lot of work and that has a lot of people who need working on—these could so easily attract an Aries-type counterpart who will help them with their own personal social work.

These are the people who tend to attract Aries-type leaders who will take them in hand and tell them what to do. Libra rising people are frequently non-committal, and so relationships come and go, and they spend a lot of time unpacking each one with their friends. This can be fixed. They might need your help, though. Their worldview was formed around the idea that the world is not a good place.

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Others will take advantage of you. You have to be strong and be able to fight dirty, if necessary. Scorpio rising learns early how to influence or persuade others into some behavior pleasing to the Scorpio rising person. If they share power with you, they probably have planets in the 11th or Aquarius or even Pisces, known for not noticing gender and sexual politics.

They prefer you to never notice this small detail, so make sure you have a separate bank account for the moment when their control appears total and you need to leave. Depending on the nature of her feelings for you, she will let you into the depths of her secrets in a few years, or in many years if you appear too inquisitive early on.

Over and over again, she attracts people who insist on being The One. Scorpio rising generally has no problem meeting people; in fact, there are probably far too many people interested in her than she might like. So her dilemma usually comes down to whether or not she has time or inclination for all her lovers, potential or actual, and which one she wants to give the most time to this week.

Venus enters Scorpio

Scorpio rising is often quite a catch, even early in life, and has many sweet young things following around behind them. This rising sign can be cruel to the innocent little lambs she attracts. Scorpio rising is too often attracted by innocence, forgetting that innocents are the ones most easily hurt. Maybe a long period of time. A lot depends on what the rest of the chart looks like and if any energy is holding down this hot air balloon.

Of all the signs on the Ascendant, except perhaps Aquarius and Pisces, Sagittarius is least interested in getting tied down. The primary reason Sagittarius rising will get married is down to a few rather simple things. One, you might have caught him or her at the right time. In this one way, Sagittarius rising is not good at being alone; the rest of the time, she is way too busy cultivating all those friendships and opportunities Gemini on the Descendant brings her way to worry too much about romantic relationships.

The Astrology of Aloneness and Loneliness: Libra Rising–Pisces Rising —

Another reason is because she cannot afford her lifestyle and needs help paying the bills. The other side of the situation is that it can't be helped and there's a possession with the partner Another paradox is that falseness means trouble, but it's quite common for a Gemini descendant to resort to lies. With a Cancer descendant, we want a trustworthy, sensitive, homely partner. The hidden side to personality is the lack of understanding towards instability.

There's a sense of 'motherhood' because there's a constant need of receiving guidance and advice from someone we deem superior. The greatest fear of a Cancer descendant is to show their own authority and strength.

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Leo descendants want the company of original, dynamic people. Conventional individuals aren't too well-seen. However, people who are too prone to taking the spotlight are annoying, because they don't get that we deserve to stand out once in a while. The perfect partner is someone tidy, attentive to detail, cautious and persistent. We appreciate humility and compassion, but there's a tendency to self-destructive criticism. The ability to be detail-prone is something to admire, because there's great difficulty to focus on daily chores.

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  • The biggest asset is diplomacy and savoir-faire. It's best to have a partner that, rather than any other qualities, shows their people skills.

    Emotions are either too intense or easily overwhelming, but we tend to find people with these Scorpian traits. This position points out the need to have a relationship where personal space and freedom are respected. Still, there's a sort of childish component to expressing personalities, but balance can be restored when taking differences under a mature light. There's a great appreciation for a sense of responsibility, sacrifice and power in the relationship. They tend to grow when there's a Capricorn descendant. However, the authority we're longing for becomes an obstacle, because we all need freedom and space to grow.

    This descendant is one of the hardest to deal with. We need to connect with someone adventurous, curious, happy and intelligent. The lack of flexibility and rejecting commitment are the biggest obstacle. However, the lack of flexibility criticised is the one we use when we quickly sort people into labels.